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3 Ways A Projector can Improve Your Work Environment

Just when you thought work cannot get any more boring, I'm here giving you ideas on how to improve your work environment using projectors. Definitely not with the bulky ones in classrooms, but with the tiny ones that can fit in your palm. Now that's modern technology.    Revamping Boring Meeting Rooms  Is there a meeting room without a projector? There are definitely meeting rooms without portable projectors. Most offices have a projector mounted to the ceiling and you have to be in the meeting room to use them. But what if you wish to hold an impromptu meeting and the meeting room is booked by someone else? Portable projectors will be the way to go. A projector that doesn’t...

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Projector Brightness Is Determined By?

Lumens. ANSI Lumens. What does it mean? Lumens? Is it edible? I think it is. I hear the word so many times a day, I can be full if it was an actual snack. When purchasing projectors, one of the first few things to note is how bright the projector is. A dim projector in a dark room will give you a decent image (meh) but a bright projector in a bright room producing a decent image (wow). Inserts the chef’s kiss.  We’ll start off with the Whats and move on to the Hows.    What is lumen?  A lumen is the standard unit of brightness (the more technical term would be luminous flux) used to measure the visible light...

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Why Portable Projectors Beat TVs

The screen sizes a home projector can display is flexible and getting larger at shorter distances, thanks to short-throw projection. You no longer have to purchase a bulky projector to turn your home into a cinema. Just a mini projector is more than capable of projecting a 100" screen easily. 

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