Why Portable Projectors Beat TVs

I’m not here to convince you to buy projectors instead of a flat-screen TV. Every home is different. What fits your needs may not fit others. What I will do is give you 3 reasons projectors could be better than television screens. 

Check out the infographic below for a quick glance of the differences:

Infographic that shows the comparison between Projector and Televisions (TVs)

Bigger is better  

Let's first talk about size. The screen sizes a home projector can display is flexible and getting larger at shorter distances, thanks to short-throw projection. You no longer have to purchase a bulky projector to turn your home into a cinema. Just a mini projector is more than capable of projecting a 100" screen easily. 
However, all of this is difficult to achieve with flat-panel TVs. Yes, TVs are getting larger, brighter and clearer with 4k resolution. But those TVs can cost several thousands of dollars when a projector can achieve that with a few hundred dollars. Large panel TVs are extremely heavy and fragile, making it difficult for mounting. Projectors are a cheaper option while achieving large screen sizes.

My eyes, it burns 

Watching TV for extended periods of time causes eye discomfort and pain. The reason for this is because TV screens emit a lot of light from a small surface area and directly into the eyes, leading to eye strain. 
Projectors, on the other hand, create images through reflections off a large surface, making the projected images easier on the eyes. This also cuts down on time spent staring at digital monitors.

Cinema on the go 

Portability is all the rage these days with more people constantly being on the go. With portable projectors, anywhere can become an entertainment room. One no longer has to be confined to the living room to enjoy a soccer match or a movie. Worry not, just because the projector is smaller, does not mean that the quality decreases.

Most portable projectors are equipped with Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology, made by Texas Instruments, that ensures the quality of motion and brightness are excellent, enhancing the entertainment experience so it feels like you’re right there in the screen. This technology paired with an Android operating system, that allows you to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, makes portable projectors similar to smart TVs, except you can fit this one into your bag. 

Ending Note

Regardless, every gadget has its pros and cons. Between portable projectors and TVs, everything depends on what you need and your budget. In my personal opinion, a projector fulfils more of my requirements than a TV does in many aspects. However, everyone has different requirements for what they need as such it is good to do some research before making your decision.  

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