Who is Aerglo?

Aerglo is a Singapore brand managed by a local company X-KIMI PTE. LTD. who has more that a decade of experience in the projector industry. 

The core mission of Aerglo is to demystify technical and often confusing information  about projector in the market; and make available top quality projectors for everyone.  Find out more about Aerglo at About Us page.

1-for-1 Exchange Warranty

With rampant misleading advertisement in the current market, it is only natural for you to have concern over our brand. To show our commitment in the quality of our brand and to give you a peace of mind, Aerglo provides one year 1-for-1 exchange warranty for all Aerglo brand products. On top of that, we also provides free lifetime after-sales consultancy service for all our customers! Visit Return/Exchange Policy for more details.

Refund Policy

Aerglo has a 3 days return policy where your purchase can be refunded with our in-store credit that is valid for 30 days from the date of refund. We do not accept cash refund. Visit Return/Exchange Policy for more details.

What are our payment methods?

We only utilizes secure payment gateways for the safety of your data. Currently, Aerglo accepts payment via Credit/Debit cards and Corporate PayNow transfer.

Can Neutrino be used in the day?

The short answer is yes.
Neutrino is a portable projector with built-in battery that can last up to 2 hours of projection. The battery life can be further extended with a power bank. Therefore, you can essentially have use Neutrino any time, anywhere for any occassion. The performance of any projector, no matter the size and quality, will be affected in brighter environment. For Neutrino, in the day, simply lower the curtain if you are using indoor; project in the shade if you are using outdoor!

Lumens VS ANSI Lumens

Lumen is perhaps one of the most misadvertised specification for projectors.
“Lumen” is the basic measure of luminous flux (the observed power or strength of light). ANSI lumen is measuring lumen as stipulated by the The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standardization. Thus, ANSI lumen the industry standard is more specific and accurate for determining the brightness of the projector. Therefore, any other 'Lumens' measures are often arbitrary figure used purely for marketing purposes.

What is Neutrino ANSI Lumens and is it the only factor that affect the projection quality?

The purpose of brightness measurement, ANSI Lumens, is for consumers to have a standardized means to compare performance of various projectors in the market.
Neutrino has an ANSI Lumens of 100. While this number may appear to be extremely small compared to other projector brands with artificially inflated 'Marketing Lumens', there is 2 factors that one must take note:

1. ANSI Lumens is measured with strict and standardized condition established by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It is the most accurate method for measuring projection brightness. Any other forms of 'Lumens' advertised are often just arbitrary figure use for marketing purpose. they virtually provides no useful information for customers to compares various projector models.

2. ANSI Lumens is also not sufficient to provide information to fully characterized the performance of projector. This is due to a phenomenon call the HK (Helmholtz-Kohlrausch) effect, which causes viewers to perceive image with higher saturation to be brighter than its actual measured brightness. Neutrino utilizes Digital Lighting Process (DLP) which enhances the contrast and colour of the projection. Hence, its projection also perceived to be brighter.

You can check out Neutrino's projection quality in our demo videos or live at our office!

Basic vs Smart, What is the difference?

Basic version of Neutrino, work like a typical projector. An external input source is required for projection. Basic version supports HDMI input it has a build in Media player that can read media file from Micro SD cards.

Smart version of Neutrino, has its own Android operating system, WiFi receiver and Bluetooth. It can be directly connected to internet and access contents online without external device. you can download apps, such as Netflix and youtube from Google Play store.

What is the projection throw distance?

The projector Neutrino has a projection throw ratio of 1:1; meaning at 1m away from the screen it will have a 1m projection. The further the distance between the projector and the screen, the bigger the projection. It can go as small as 10 inch and as big as 100inch in size!

How to install the projector at home?

The projector Neutrino has a screw hole at the bottom that can fit the standard Camera stand or projector floor stand. Aerglo also included a free mini tripod with the purchase of any version of Neutrino!

It can also be ceiling mounted upside down for the Smart version.However, ceiling mounting is not recommended as it defeats the purposed of its portability feature.

How to install Apps on smart version?

The smart version of Neutrino has an Android operating system where Apps can be installed into the projector in various ways.

1. Google Play store:

Search the Play store and install the App like how you do it on your Smartphone. *Note: for Google Play store, there are some limitations imposed to ensure the stability of the OS. Hence, Some of the Apps are currently not available on Play store.

2. Aptoide and Aptoide TV:

This is a third party app store that function like Google Play store. This does not require log in to install Apps.

3. APK File:

Download APK files online using a computer. Then, open and install the APK file in the projector via a USB Flashdrive.

Shipping Information

Any purchase over $299 will enjoy free shipping domestically.

We do not ship to the following locations: Sentosa, Jurong Island and Changi Airport.

For Overseas shipping, the shipping shall be $50 net. Additionally, bulky items like screen are not available for purchase for overseas customers.