3 Ways A Projector can Improve Your Work Environment

Just when you thought work cannot get any more boring, I'm here giving you ideas on how to improve your work environment using projectors. Definitely not with the bulky ones in classrooms, but with the tiny ones that can fit in your palm. Now that's modern technology. 


Revamping Boring Meeting Rooms 

Is there a meeting room without a projector? There are definitely meeting rooms without portable projectors. Most offices have a projector mounted to the ceiling and you have to be in the meeting room to use them. But what if you wish to hold an impromptu meeting and the meeting room is booked by someone else? Portable projectors will be the way to go. A projector that doesn’t take up too much space, and is light enough to be carried around in one hand. 

If space is of constraint, you might want to go with a short-throw projector or even an ultra-short throw one. A short-throw projector will be able to project a big screen at a short distance. This will be suitable for smaller offices. 


Wireless Is The Way To Go 

In the modern world, speed is of the essence. Thanks to smart projectors, one can connect their device to the projector within seconds and without the need for cables. Of course, cables will provide for a better connection, but speed-wise, wireless is the way to go. All you will need to do is connect the projector to the office Wi-Fi and you will be able to screen share. You'll no longer need to unplug the HDMI cable from your computer and pass it to your colleague who needs to share a PowerPoint slide. Now sharing is as simple as clicking a button and voilà, your content is up on the screen waiting to be shared. Portable projectors will also make it easier for movement in the office. Bye bye HDMI cables~ 


Improving Break Time

The ultimate way to increase work productivity is to ensure that your employees are happy, relaxed and motivated. After all, happier employees make a happier workplace. Most offices have realised the importance in this and are now investing in enhancing their break rooms. A projector with 4K ultra HD resolution and high contrast ratio will guarantee an immersive experience during sports events or after-work movie nights. It can even be used for interactive games during lunchtime. If having a mounted projector is too much commitment, do consider getting a portable one that can also double as a meeting room projector. 

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